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Eren x Reader- Hateful Love
“So, ___, I need to ask you something,” said Armin, peeking through his blonde bangs at you.
Your eyes darted up to him, showing the boy you were listening.
“Well, about Eren,”
Upon hearing his name, you groaned.
“Why do you guys not like each other? You guys can’t sit next to each other without breaking into argument. Hell, you can’t even look at each other normally. All you do is glare. It’s been bugging my curiosity, and I really want to know. Please?”
Armin pleaded, raising the tone of his voice in the most adorable way-slightly encouraging you to spill the information.
You sighed, finally giving in.
You poked your fork at your food.
“It’s simple,”
Armin raised his eyebrows, expecting some kind of dramatic story as to why the both of you dislike each other so greatly.
“ Eren and I are just two completely different people. We’ve disagreed on everything the other had to say, and it
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Mature content
From Lust to Love(Eren Jaeger x Reader)Chapter 1 :iconepikcookies:EpikCookies 54 12
They’re not real.
They are loved by the fans, drawn by the artists, and written by the writers.
They only wander amongst our imagination, and not on Earth with us.
They give us Happiness, Love, and Joy. Sadness, and sometimes anger.
We love them.
But as our fingers reach for the bright screen, our flesh only encounters the warmth of the monitor, and not the amusement of being pulled into their world.
After all, It’s only reality.
:iconepikcookies:EpikCookies 4 3
The Next Life. (Levi x Reader)
Tears threatened to escape the corner of your eyes, as you tried your best to stare up at the man beside you without closing them.
Levi cradled you in his arms, silent tears trailing down his cheeks.
“(y/n)….I’m….I could’ve saved you…”
A small smile managed to form at your lips traced in blood.
“L….Levi…It’s ok….This was going to happen someday….”
Tears flooded out, causing trails to appear at your dirty cheeks.
“I guess today is that day…” you spoke, your dying words making it sorrowful to hear.
Levi kissed your forehead lightly, and at the same time, you noticed the world around you was growing dark, and your breaths were shortening with every one you took.
“Levi….I…Love you…” You spoke once more, Tears spilling out and seeming to never end.
The man beside you sobbed loudly, and it hurt you deeply to hear it.
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Smile (Levi x Reader)
You felt something tight around your left hand , it felt like if it was being squeezed.
By another hand .
You opened your eyes, but there was nothing but darkness.
You tried again.
Darkness .
You felt nervous, trying to think of why you couldn't see.
Then you remembered.
You remember getting slapped to the ground by a titan on the expedition, and you also remember the harmful amount of dirt that entered your (e/c) orbs.
And the last thing you remembered was Levi screaming out your name.
You trembled; you didn't know where you were, you couldn't see, you were terrified.
Still panicking, you screamed out an all too familiar name.
“Levi!” you shouted, feeling the hand that was around yours squeeze tighter.
“ Calm down, (y/n)! I’m here! You’re fine!”
Levi replied, his head, as you felt, was lying on your chest.
You calmed down an awful lot, now that you knew he was there, beside you.
“Levi, why can’t I see?” you said, your voice shaky.
:iconepikcookies:EpikCookies 12 3
Snow, Frost, and Love. (Jack Frost x Reader)
I was always so used to the cold.
Even though I was born and raised in Florida, The cold never really bothered me much.
It really didn't bother me at all.
I just moved up north because my sister, Rosy, invited me to move in with her husband and 2 kids.
I accepted the offer, since things got pretty boring down in Florida, me living with only my parents.
So I thought ‘why not’ and packed my things.
It was the first snow day since last year, and it was a really pretty sight, with the snow layered over the yard like a soft blanket.
I ran to the kids’ room, in order to wake them up. They told me when I see snow to tell them right away.
I barged in the room, and went over to their bunk bed.
“Michael! Michelle! It’s a snow day!” I sang,  sitting at the side of the lower bunk, which was where Michael was sleeping.
“But auntie, Can we have five more minutes?” Michael groaned, wrapping the blanket over his head.
I always wondered what it w
:iconepikcookies:EpikCookies 9 3
Link x Reader:This Feeling:Chapter 1
I slightly opened my eyelids to reveal a beam of sunlight at my  face, causing me to groan.  I stretched my arms and legs out, then got up from my bed to walk to the kitchen.  
“morning  b/n,” I said, running my fingers through my hair.
My brother turned around to and gave me a light smile,  then turned back to the tub to continue washing the dishes.
“um, y/n, There is something  very  important I got to talk to you about,”
“which is….” I waited a little for him to answer.
“princess Zelda, she came over last night.but you didn't know because you were sleeping from all that sword practice you do. So I'm just going to do what she told me to. she gave me a request to send you to her castle once you wake up. Hurry up and get dressed, and bring your shield and sword, because Hyrule castle is a little far.”
My mouth slightly agape, I nodded. He giggled at my shock .
I felt so special, having princess Ze
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Untitled Drawing by EpikCookies Untitled Drawing :iconepikcookies:EpikCookies 0 0 Untitled Drawing by EpikCookies Untitled Drawing :iconepikcookies:EpikCookies 0 0


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Im gonna start posting my drawing and fanfictions on my page pretty soon!
Unless you couldnt tell, i usually just used my account to roam on deviantart.
But ive been writing fanfictions that you guys might enjoy, and ive been drawing better lately!


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